Multiple DE's show each DE 2 times at login screen

I have installed multiple DEs. But login screen shows each DE twice when choosing which DE to select. How can I remove one DE from the choice of DE’s. Exmaple Gnome, is shown twice on the login is choices.

Gnome has 2 predefined sessions by default, the Modern UI Shell namely Gnome and the Gnome Classic,


and both can be either under X11 or under Wayland, hence can actually actually be 4 desktop sessions.


KDE Plasma can have 2, also based on either X11 or Wayland.
And also can have other sessions too, like Enlightenment for instance.


All predefined sessions are inside:

The default Login Screen will read and list all of them, and can be a long list …

By the way, mixing multiple DE’s for the same user is always a bad idea.

Thank you for your response. I have used multiple DE’s for the same user a few times with positive results. But your suggestion is spot on, I think I will change this concept. Thank you.