Multiboot Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.04, Manjaro KDE, Fedora, Debian

Hey there, I need to multiboot my PC. I have already installed the following operating systems as follows:
Windows 10
Ubuntu 22.04
Manjaro KDE

Manjaro is the last system i have installed. currently my pc is booting via Manjaro grub.
I need to use other Linux OS such as Fedora & Debian.
So i need a information on how to add the above (Fedora and Debian) OS to be installed in my pc so i can boot all the 5 OS in my pc.

Is there any possible way or any order to install all the 5 OS?

Hello, you forgot FreeBSD :stuck_out_tongue:
Install those other Distributions without installing grub from them, and let Manjaro detect them via os-prober while updating grub from Manjaro install …

So i need to install directly those 2 OS via USB live boot.
And how install them without grub.

You can either not create the /boot/efi partition
Or choose the /boot/efi to be at some other partition than Manjaro’s efi partition. [The latter choice is better ig, since you will have the choice of booting from another bootloader in case Manjaro grub goes haywire for some reason]

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Okk sure i will try this method

Just my 50cents about dual booting: I understand, why people dualboot with windows, but another distro? I would say: choose the distro you prefer and if you need another distro, then use distro containers with podman or docker. distrobox makes it really easy to have several Distros with their specific apps tightly integrated (not sandboxed).

Example from the terminal:

# Pull the Ubuntu Image and create a Container (Docker)
distrobox create --image ubuntu:22.04 --name "Ubuntu-Jammy"
# Update the Distro and install gedit
distrobox enter "Ubuntu-Jammy" -- sudo apt upgrade
distrobox enter "Ubuntu-Jammy" -- sudo apt install gedit
# Run gedit for ubuntu
distrobox enter "Ubuntu-Jammy" -- gedit

Of course, you can add a Desktop-File which will directly run gedit.

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