Multiboot on UEFI Manjaro/Windows/Bliss OS

Hey there. So I want to install Bliss OS, the modified OS based on Android x86 on my system alongside pre-existing installations of Manjaro Linux and Windows 10. I’m a bit unsure about how to go about that though since my system is a UEFI system and I want to make sure that after installation, the boot menu in charge is Manjaro’s GRUB2 menu which shows its pre-existing entries for Manjaro and Windows and also an additional one for Bliss OS after installation. Can someone help me with this? I’ve never dealt with more than 2 OSes installed on a single system.

Just install the OS, and don’t wipe out the boot partition.

I have 5 different OS’s on my computer sharing the same 100MB boot partition.

Installing a new OS might change the boot order in your BIOS, so you might have to go into your BIOS to make Manjaro’s bootloader first.

Personally, I like using rEFInd instead of Grub if using more than 3 OS’s.

So since I use Grub, you reckon using os-prober should do the job?