Multi monitor support stops working with nouveau on kernel 5.15 and later

I have Manjaro completely installed on a USB flash drive on LVM on in a luks2 container and the kernel on the esp. With kernel version 5.15 or later, on my HP EliteBook 8570w (with an NVIDIA Quadro K1000M), my system shows some strange behavior.

When I boot the mouse cursor is invisible (both in SDDM and in plasma) and only my main screen is displaying a GUI. The secondary display displays the systemd output. When I switch to a TTY the main screen (with GUI) freezes and the secondary screen will display the TTY. If I than switch back to TTY1 (with the GUI) my computer crashes and I have to force reboot.

I can resolve the issue by installing the proprietary driver. I have to install video-nvidia-470xx with mhwd, because my video card is not supported by the latest driver. But I could not find any indication that Nouveau stopped supporting my card.

I also plugged my USB flash drive into a computer with intel intergraded graphics, where this problem does not occur. But, off course here I must not have the Nvidia driver installed.

Does anybody now what is going on here?