Multi kernel and OS install across BTRFS raid

Would anyone have an idea how I could install a kernel and OS on each drive of a BTRFS Raid1 or Raid10 system so that if a boot disk dies I can still boot up on the remaining disks, albeit in degraded mode?

Proxmox allows a multi-drive kernel installation option with ZFS (and maybe BTRFS) and it’s proved itself to be an excellent choice. I had a QNAP device with 3 x SSDs in ZFS Raidz-1 and pulled out two of the SSDs and put them into a MinisForum PC, and it booted up! Sure, it was in degraded mode, but the OS was live, and I could either rescue it (add back a 3rd drive and resilver) or back it up, even after “losing” a boot drive. That’s an amazing feature I’d like to emulate with Manjaro.