Multi-GPU / monitor setup trouble

I’ve used Manjaro a few years ago, had it working with 2 GPU/4 Monitors then the forum crashed. So I tried Xbuntu 18.04, had it working good, when I upgraded to Xbuntu 20.04>>>not so good<<<>>>>>Awlfull…Bad!!!
I know there is some kind of conflict between nvidia/ubuntu.
Is this conflict Linux/nvdia throughtout all Distros, or are there workarounds…
I’ve installed Manjaro/XFCE hoping to pass up all this mess. Still not working.
So I ask these questions:
1 Does Manjaro in any form support multiple GPU’s /multiple monitors.
2 Are there user friendly tutorials to accomplish
3 Or should I go back to windows .
All I want to do is run some weather programs on x-screen1>>>conkywx, and run x-screen0 as my main desktop

And if you need help, start here:

I’m sorry if I’m doing something wrong.
All I’m trying to do is find a substitute for xbuntu so that I can continue my hobby>>weather<< and still use my computer.

The point is that your question have answers easily accessible.
(and documented along with guides in the wiki)



Thanks for the reply, the wiki is vague, or I’m not up to snuff on the terminal commands.

I dont understand. There is manjaro settings manager. Just open it and select. No terminal involved.

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i tried that, it won’t let me enable my 3-4 monitors or save to x-conf file

This is going nowhere fast.

Let’s get this straight. You left a perfectly working setup on Manjaro because the forum crashed. Did that somehow break your setup?

Now you’re back, but you haven’t provided any information for us to help you. Hence why @cscs linked a tutorial how to do that. You’ve ignored it. Help us help you.

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Multi GPU/Monitor setup is not depending on Linux distro, it is a configuration matter.
It boils down to:

  1. Have drivers working without conflicting each other.
  2. Have proper configuration for your GUI manager (KDE,GNOME,etc), that properly uses the different GPU’s on the different Monitors.

So the answers to your Questions are:

  1. Yes
  2. You could try a search on the internet as it will be the same for all distro’s…
  3. Thats up to you, your choice…

Huh? so the forum which has nothing to do with your setup crashes and you install another distro? Why?

Not to my knowledge. The only thing is a ‘conflict’ regarding the opensource (FOSS) Nouveau support NVIDIA lacks contributing to and how they don’t (want to) support wayland the way all others do.

Nope there is no conflict between distro’s and NVIDIA themselves.

What is not working exactly?

Yes, as all Linux distro’s do. Setup depends on your DE and also can depend on the drivers you installed.


If you are not up to reading the help that is provided or give some descent info as @cscs pointed to with two links, then Windows is perhaps more up your ally.

Like in the second link he provides it says how you can give info about your system which come in handy for any form of help. Like what kernel, what GPU, what driver, One ore multiple GPU’s etc.
This can be done with inxi for instance and the how to do that can be read in the second link @cscs provided.

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No the forum crash did not break my setup. I was in the middle of trying to do something else. the lack of info from the forum at that time persuaded me to switch.
Both of my video cards use the same driver.
to cscs, your links are great, thank you.