[Multi DE] Cannot install XFCE

Hi! Currently DE hopping, and already have KDE and GNOME installed.
I wanted to check XFCE but in the installation of themeing and configs I get:
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
:: manjaro-xfce-settings and manjaro-gnome-settings are in conflict (manjaro-desktop-settings). Remove manjaro-gnome-settings? [y/N]

I do no want to remove GNOME… What do I do?

Hi can’t you test Xfce in a virtual machine, or on another partition?

Multiple DEs on the same system is prone to break after some time.

I would personally advice to test using a Live Medium of those DE’s…

I wanna see how it does in my desktop.
I will remove all the rest once I figure out which is best

I wanna test daily use tho…

I won’t recommend testing on your daily system as a safe approach.