Mullvad install-'Failed to prepare transaction: target not found: libnm-glib-nosystemd'

==> Creating package “mullvad-vpn”…
→ Generating .PKGINFO file…
→ Generating .BUILDINFO file…
→ Adding install file…
→ Generating .MTREE file…
→ Compressing package…
==> Leaving fakeroot environment.
==> Finished making: mullvad-vpn 2021.4-1 (Fri 08 Oct 2021 09:42:46 AM CDT)
==> Cleaning up…

Failed to prepare transaction:
target not found: libnm-glib-nosystemd

I get the above when trying to install mullvad-vpn (AUR) via Add/Remove Software.
Manjaro up to date. KDE 5.22.5. Kernel 5.14.10-1

Hi @jamc, and welcome!

After a tiny bit of Googling, I saw that libnm-glib-nosystemd is in the AUR.

There, it’s described as a legacy package, so not actively being used.

Try installing it first,

pamac build libnm-glib-nosystemd 

and then see if you still get the error.


OK, didn’t know that it’s not a dependency. Saw that it is a ‘NetworkManager client library’ so it made perfect sense to me, thanks for pointing it out @Yochanan! My mistake for not investigating further.

mullvad-vpn does not depend on libnm-glib-nosystemd.

What do you have installed? Please post the output of:

pacman -Qs libnm

I’ve had zero issues with mullvad on manjaro and I know all the versions of it are maintained by a member of the manjaro team so can’t understand why it fails to install

[jamc@Manjaro ~]$ pacman -Qs libnm
local/libnm 1.32.12-1
NetworkManager client library

That’s what is expected as libnm-glib no longer exists and nothing should depend on it or the variants in the AUR.

The package is already built and should be in /var/tmp/pamac-build-<username>/mullvad-vpn/ as mullvad-vpn-2021.4-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst.

You can also try Yay:

Make sure prerequisites are installed:

sudo pacman -Syu --needed base-devel git yay
yay -S mullvad-vpn

Thanks for your help. I have it installed and running successfully.

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