.msi file to download and work properly?


How to get a .msi file to download and work properly after?
(Starts downloading but freezes in the middle of download with wine!)

Download with another tool. If it still doesn’t work, it’s a server problem.

Thanks for the answer ill try out.

Yep still nothing

I am curious, what do you expect to do with an “.msi” file?
These are Windows Installer files, they obviously do not run under Linux.
If you are trying to execute it in WINE, then you need to run it through WINE tools

wine msiexec /i foo.msi

Trying to get a poker software to work.

Im quite newbie so id be really thankful when you tell me exactly how i run it through WINE tools :slight_smile:

Try the package “pokerth” from the AUR.

Or install your proprietary garbage poker.msi stuff with lutris.

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I’d suggest looking for a Linux alternative first, in case one suits your needs.