[mpv-webtorrent-hook] no longer works webtorrent-cli update in AUR

After the latest update, AUR version of webtorrent-cli to 5.1.1-1.
This caused mpv-webtorrent-hook, to stop working, and giving this error.
Error message
Possibly due to the update in Node.js, a simple solution is downgrading webtorrent-cli package 4.0.4-1

Did you rebuild the package? Typically, this is needed for AUR packages with the underlying tool received an upgrade.

I know… everything?

Hehehe, I know but it seems I’m the only one having this issue.
As for the package, I just used the old PKGBuild from the AUR and re-build it with makepkg -si

Why not do a git pull ?
Then rebuild …

Please take into account - the discrepancy between - stable and testing/unstable branch.

I’ve just tested it and have the same error. It looks like upstream has to fix something. A rebuild does not fix it.

Maybe let the maintainer know, this could be a packaging issue.

Well you need to delete the package and rebuild from the scratch.
The last version 5.1.2-1 is having the same issue.

That’s what I’ve told you. The upstream developer has to fix the program. This is nothing Manjaro devs or AUR maintainers could do.