MPV playback broken with 4K HDR MKVs - little squares everywhere

A few weeks ago MPV started playing all 4K HDR files with a stange window screen pattern. I was hoping an update would fix the issue but it’s still there. VLC and Clapper work fine but don’t tone map near as well with default settings. Happens with builds from official repo, AUR and the Flatpak. Anyone else experience this or know a fix? Intel video

What video codec does this video 4K use? VP9 or HECV?

Maybe MPV has a new bug with certain video decoding.

How to determine video codec: $ mediainfo [Video]

all HEVC MAIN 10 Profile

I am experiencing the same patterns. ( imgur /a/K0GuUhd )

4k HEVC plays fine, HDR 4k HEVC results in the above artifacts.

UPDATE: resolved the issue by running with --hdr-compute-peak=no

not really sure how to apply that…
with environment variable in /etc?

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