Mpv Freezes Laptop When Streaming Videos From The Web

In an effort to make my laptop’s job easier, I figured I’d use mpv to stream videos off the Internet so it doesn’t have to load a webpage; which takes forever with my shitty hotel wifi.

Videos play fine, but the laptop half-freezes if I attempt to perform another activity while the video is streaming. The effect isn’t alwasy instantaneous, but inevitably happens. The mouse is still responsive, the clock still ticks, and I can see conky operating in the background. I can no longer switch between workspaces or containers however, and all currently running apps are unresponsive to any commands. Even if I kill the video, the container that was streaming just goes black instead of exiting. I end up having to reboot.

Unsure of how to go about diagnosing the cause, so any help would be appreciated.