Mplayer: how to make mplayer show timeline ? and other issues

I am in need to browse thru many video files…
vlc failed me, because when i browse in higher speed, the sound became seriously stuttered , so bad i can’t understand a word. no time to look for solution. This sound stuttering issue only occurs when i listen thru usb headphone . Mine is plantronics headphone, no other headphone, hence not sure it is only specific to this usb headphone or on all usb headphone.


  1. doesn’t show time
    I also got mplayer installed… it plays fine at high speed, but i need it to show timeline… so that i can make note of time of the scene i need. I don’t know if there is way to make mplayer play and show time.
  2. sound became sharp when i play video in higher speed. anyway to make the sound normal even at high speed ? VLC capable of play high speed yet with proper sound (not like cartoon sound) on windows os, but sadly vlc does not work well on this manjaro kde. .

Anybody can help ?

You can toggle osd visiblity with o key.

Do you know also, How to play enqueue multiple mp4 in mplayer… ? instead of play a file each time… all my video files are only 10 mins duration, but got almost 100 of them i need to browse thru. And when i play one by one, i will have to redo the speed setting… so it plays faster.

If you want only play all .mp4 files from current directory, you can run:

mplayer *.mp4

Read about globs in bash Bash Globbing Tutorial – Linux Hint

How about if i only want to play all mp4 with name “abcd20210805-1a-Report(72,642KB).mp4” to “abcd20210805-1s-Report(90,422KB)” from this folder ? Not other days ?

It’s simple with globbing:

mplayer abcd20210805-1[a-s]-Report*.mp4
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i generated a playlist.txt for mplayer to play.
However, after every file in the playlist, the video location jump back to other location instead of keep the position of video windows which i have placed when playing previous file.
The speed setting also change back to normal instead of x0.92…
This software is too basic… no good for my purposes.
Am i missing something or it is this basic ?

Also, this mplayer does not shows file title on title bar… hence i can’t know which file it is playing right now… i need to note down the file name and timeline of a certain scenes…

You need to read mplayer manual and help and customize program according to your needs:

man mplayer
mplayer --help

Right now i just don’t have the time to browse man … hence i have download smplayer… but somehow it auto downloaded mpv player as well…
This mpv look very identical to mplayer… are they the same ?

Nope, mpv and mplayer are different projects.

It didn’t somehow auto download mpv - it’s a dependency. However you downloaded it, it was shown to you that it would be installed along with it as a dependency. Dependencies are “auto downloaded” as you call it, but you should know that for all of the years you’ve been using Linux and asking questions.

To check dependencies of any package prior to install - I use the arch page:

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