Mozo menu editor mate stop working after 1.26

Hi to all.

After 1.26 mate update in Manjaro, mozo menu editor is not working anymore. I see that the changelog say something about rewrite from scratch the ui and in terminal says an error about ui. Any idea if is a bug of mate upstream or manjaro?
When I click, edit menu → properties of item nothing happen.

If I click new menu, show a bug windows “folder properties” from 1x1 cm approximately and when I zoom it using mouse, no have buttons or text → is it


from this
it has rewrite from scratch

there is an issue

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Look like a mate bug or bugs, because another bug in 1.26 is this Error with PanelDItemEditor on "New Menu" or "New Item" click · Issue #81 · mate-desktop/mozo · GitHub.
Mozo is broken.

Unfortunately this is a MATE issue, however it has been fixed:

Hopefully there will soon be a point release…
You can also compile from git master with the fix:

Installed from arch archive mate-panel 1.24.1 and mozo 1.24.1(2) and blocked these updates until the issue will be resolved. Now works.

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