Moving Windows Partition to a New Disk?

I have 2 NVME hard drives installed on my system and I am interested in moving the windows partition over to the new drive.

What is involved in doing this? Here is my current setup:

I previously attempted to do this from a live USB using gparted’s copy/paste parition feature, but this led to an unbootable Windows partition.

Would the second NVME drive have to have an EFI partition? What the typical procedure for this type of move?

You are probably going to have to ask windoze about that.
I am almost 100% sure you wont be able to accomplish this without using windoze tools for backup/migration/install.

I’m not entirely sure what tool suite you are referring to.

Early searches give conflicting results

Could you post a link?

I wasnt referring to anything in particular …
(though I guess windoze does have its media creation tool and such)
But heres one that looks about right:

You cannot just move the partition - I don’t know exactly what is involved - but I 100% sure you cannot do it.

It sounds like easy-peasy - but it is not - and you are most likely to fail.

Unless you are the nerdy type who likes the challenge I suggest you reinstall Windows and you will have to consult a Windows forum to get support for the task at hand.