Moving the panel doesn't work

Hello everyone,
I can’t move the panel in xfce from the bottom to the top edge. I put the panel in edit mode and then use the mouse to grab the bar to move it. However, I accidentally only captured one symbol and moved only that symbol on the bar.
What am I not doing right? I would like to have the bar at the top so that I can also start plank as a dock at the bottom.

Have you unlocked the panel in the panel preferences? You cannot move otherwise.

some free space on the panel → right click → panel → panel preferences
in the first tab, there is a check box to lock/unlock the panel
when unlocked, you can move it by the “handles” that appear on each side

Thank you very much, that worked. I first unlocked the bar and then simply grabbed the “handle” on the left. I didn’t even have to activate moving the bar. :pray:

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