Moving KDE settings to new system

I’ve ordered a new computer. I don’t have it yet but when I do I will be setting it up exactly like this one.

This machine is running Manjaro KDE and that’s what I’ll install on the new one. I’ve changed quite a few things since I installed this system a couple of years ago. A quick summary would be something like this.

Lots of keyboard shortcuts.
Theming changes made from the KDE settings options.
Launcher layout / settings
Other things that I cannot remember right now.

Is there an easy way to bring this kind of thing (system settings) over to the new system with dotfiles. I already have dotfile backups for all the important software I use so that won’t be a problem.

I’m guessing, though, that the dotfiles for all the KDE system settings will be spread out in lots of different folders.

So am I best just setting these system settings options up afresh on the new machine?

Why not just migrate your entire user’s home directory? Why skim through each and every hidden file and folder?

You can even skip the obvious “standard” folders, like Documents, Downloads, Videos, etc.


Just copy your whole home directory.

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Yeah that’s an option but my existing home directory still contains files from 2 years ago when I was moving over to Linux and trying loads of distros. There’s stuff in there from Mint, Fedora, Manjaro Gnome, and loads of other stuff. I’m going to start the new system off clean and just bring over what I need.

Am I right in thinking that finding all the dotfiles involved in kde and manjaro system settings would be a nightmare? My gut feeling is I would be faster just setting them up again. The reason I’m asking though is that I don’t know for sure. I’m not an old hand with Linux - yet… :grinning:

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This was the next option I was going to suggest.

you could try Plasma Customization Saver - KDE Store for transfering most of your settings.

i cant say if it also backup keyboard shortcuts.
but it could worth a try before setting everything up from the ground up.


nevertheless how you’re going in the end, but @maycne.sonahoz advice to copy everything for example to a external drive is a good advice. I’ll promise there will be always something missing if you set up such a system and it’s priceless to have a copy in the backyard :wink:

Thanks. I’ll have a look at that. I did not even know it existed.

I agree. I will be bringing a copy of my home directory over to the new machine for sure so I can cherry pick from it. I just won’t be overwriting the new home directory with the old.

Most of what you need — i.e. the Plasma-specific stuff — will be in ~/.config and ~/.local.

This is indeed a good tool for exporting one’s styling customizations. It should normally also handle keyboard shortcuts, but like you, I’m not sure about that either.


Thanks for all the replies. Food for thought. :+1: :+1:


That’s the correct thing to do, especially if you don’t know what exactly you want. You can cross check when you are missing something. And the rest you can just delete after few months.

I went through this whole thing with a laptop very recently, and that’s how I dealt with it (just retained the old home folder until I knew I was done with it).

I just asked about this as I have more settings altered on the desktop and I wondered if there was an easier way.

Like @Aragorn mentioned, KDE settings are all in .config and .local/share.

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That much I knew, but which folders, which files. I think it would be quite a task. All my gimp files are in one place, same for libreoffice, etc. But I’ve noticed the KDE stuff seems to be all over the place - within .config and .local/share.

i wouldn’t bother about all other configs, because they are hardware-related and you’ll set up a new pc. that only thing you should note yourself are add-ons and extensions that you installed for example at gimp, but i would set them up completely new.

but i think in what situation you are. all the data over the years can be a pain in the butt and to sort them is a job for long and cold days in winter. have you ever thought about a nas (network-storage). you can get them from very expensive down to a simple raspberry with hard-disks. i use a raspberry, a usb-hub that is self powered and put the drives on. in this case iii’m safe if i have to delete my internal drive for whatever reason.

Because if the OP of this thread is not careful during this copy and migration process, and they accidentally delete the original files without confirming the important files were successfully copied over, then their data can be considered…


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Best not to post unless you have something constructive to post.

Settings and dotfiles are something I can always set up again. My data, on which my business depends to continue functioning, is backed up in multiple places on and off site. So don’t you worry.

Perhaps this can, at least partially, help you.

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:+1: :+1: Thanks. Will have a look.