Moving Hard Drive to other computer

Manjaro doesn’t boots after changing my Hard Drive to other computer, I plugged in my hard drive on my other computer to do something in that PC, but it doesn’t boots up, I’m so new with this, so I will appreciate any help, thanks

Probably it won’t boot, different hardware, different bios…just start manjaro from a flash drive, like when you ran the installation, do what you have to do, and when you are done, leave the hard drive in its main machine.

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The installed system is not prepared for such moving around.

It is possible - with a default install it is a hit’n’miss - but you have to prepare the system for this use case.

The default installer cannot prepare the system to be movable - you will need to do a manual installation.

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If it is a UEFI system, probably you have to add a Manjaro entry to the UEFI/BIOS

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