Moving From Microsoft to Linux

long time windows user here, i m looking to move to Linux environment, as a developer, i use visual studio 2022 strictly for winforms/wpf/uwp, and thats it, while mobile/web development using vscode and android studio, i m thinking about moving my work to win10/11 on vm/kvm or whatever is the technology with GPU passthrough; which is a must, my CPU and GPU are fairly old by todays standards, still, no complaints about the specs.
my question is which software offers the best/closest bare-metal experience, and if GPU Passthrough is available or not.

I am doing exactly that - using VS2022 for backend API code using .NET no WinForms/WPF etc.

No GPU passthrough - VirtualBox VM with Win10-ltsc - GPU passthrough not necessary.

But my system is not old by any standard

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qemu / kvm will fit best

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thats one reason i m still on windows, vs 2022, otherwise i have no need for the “various” services offered by Microsoft, the GPU passthrough, or… whatever is a must, i would not want to have a “remote desktop” experience, customer support is more than enough.
thanks for the quick reply

i tried the SPICE option, not the best, hyper-v/vmbox and vmpalyer offered better experience, not sure what i did wrong, the lag was real.

check all his tutorials

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looks easy enough, gonna try it in few hours, gonna let you guys know

I don’t want to be the one putting out the lights but please take a moment to do this [Consideration] Is Manjaro the right distribution for you?


true, true, i missed that point, i use some ubuntu and debian wsl, the pacman and flatpak did not provide some essential programs, or i did not know what to do. might try it inside a vbox/vm first. thanks for the replies