Moving from cinnamon to lxqt

hello guys, i am new to manjaro and i installed the cinnamon version of manjaro.
i want to move into lxqt because my pc is old and the cinnamon de is using so many resources, that it would overheat. so i installed lxqt but idk what happens if i delete my cinnamon user, would it brick my manjaro installation?

You don’t need an additional user. Just install lxqt and in the login screen you select LxQt and login as usual.

While adding more DE is a simple thing, removing one specifically is more tricky. There are some guides out there how to do it, but I always stayed away from that, for the same fear of borking up my system. The freed disk space isn’t really that much.

yes i did this but when i run neofetch, it shows cinnamon instead of lxqt

You probably need to install manjaro-lxqt-config and perhaps also the manjaro-lxqt-desktop-settings
and then go to /etc/skel
where these files are put when installing these packages
and copy the relevant files to your users HOME folder

This will not happen by just installing these configs - you need to move the files yourself.

Even if you create a new user, this will not happen by itself.

Also remove the cinnamon specific files from
~/.config when you can
as there could arise strange effects if you have both configs there

I don’t know how neofetch is configured, where and how it derives the information that it displays.

do not remove your “old” user account
as this is what the admin account currently is
and when you remove it you’ll be left without an admin account.

If you would like to start over with a clean LXQt install I create a Manjaro LXQt spin.