Moving from 1TB SSD to 512Gb NVME

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I’m back on Manjaro and having a much better experience than last time. As a matter of fact - I’m having a great experience to be honest.

I installed a 512Gb NVME on my system, and Manjaro is currently setup on a 2.5" 1TB Samsung Evo. My entire installation including all of my Steam games uses only 261Gb…and the NVME is much, much faster…

Is there a way - outside of a clean install to this new drive…a way to simply clone my existing installation, to the new (but smaller) NVME drive? Clonezilla won’t allow for this because the target partition is smaller than the 1TB partition on my Evo.

If not - I’ll do a clean install…Just hoping for something a tad simpler.

I appreciate any advice given. PS - I am no noob. Been on linux since 2004 and I am a developer (for a living).


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Would something like timeshift or deja vous work?

I’d wager that the gaming (maybe overall?) performance of moving from SSD to NVME is not so noticeable as moving from a HDD to an SSD.

Short answer: No

I see no easy way to do it at your situation. If you want to clone anyway, it can get a bit complicated, but it should be fast.

With the Manjaro installation media, you can create partitions on your destination drive, mount source and destination, copy with rsync and finally chroot to destination and modify fstab and grub-install/update-grub.

Sounds harder than it actually is… :smile:

Thank you for the input…I failed to mention (getting old sure sucks)…that I’m moving from ext4 to xfs (my traditional FS of choice)…Manjaro has become my daily driver after using it for > 6 weeks with no issues. It’s main task is C++ and KVM systems from my clients…it’s secondady job is to allow me to unwind at the end of the day with a game.

So I’ll just reinstall - It’s a separate drive so at no time is the operations of my system in jeopardy…



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You should have a look at fsarchiver:

" The purpose is to have a very flexible program. FSArchiver can extract an archive to a partition which is smaller that the original one as long as there is enough space to store the data. It can also restore the data on a different file-system , so it can use it when you want to convert your file-system : you can backup an ext3 file-system, and restore it as a reiserfs."

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My apologies - and will comply…I guyess I just dated myself…



Exactly what I was looking for!

However - I did it the old way before your post came in…I keep a tertiary backup on line on three mirrors…So I installed to the new NVME, then copied my old home folder over the new one, and then moved the few config files I had tweaked into the new installation - and I was backup in in < one hour…

But you can bet I’ll use fsarchiver the next time - in fact I already pacman’d it into my system.



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