Moving evolution data from Mint to Manjaro

Hi what’s the best/easiest way to move all the data (emails, contacts, calendar) from Mint cinnamon to Manjaro cinnamon?

On the Mint computer the Evolution version is: 3.28.5, on the Manjaro computer the Evolution version is: 3.40.2-1 both computers are lenovo X230 with similar specs.

Evolution is installed on Manjaro, but I did not open it yet, because I think I read somewhere (can’t remember where and can’t find the article/post) that I simply need to copy/paste the data files from one computer to the other (as long as it has not been opened yet).

On a previous transfer form one Mint comp to an other Mint comp using export/import I end up with a bit of a mess that took me a few days to sort out, so would like to avoid that.

I ask here in the ‘Cinnamon’ section because I use the ‘Cinnamon’ edition but if you think I should have posted it in the ‘Software & Application’ section, feel free to move it if you can or let me know and I will re-post it there.


Hi @chameau,

Please note: I do not use Gnome or Evolution, so this answer is in no way based on/in experience.

I think this is correct.

According to this site the data directory where evolution keeps all its data is:


and various things in


Where ~ is a shortcut/alias/whatever to your home directory.

So, you should, theoretically, be safe copying ~/.config/evolution and ~/.local/share/evolution to the new user’s home directory on the new Manjaro installation.

That’s my understanding, anyway. I hope it helps!

I used Timeshift with Mint-Cinnamon.
I use Timeshift with Manjaro-KDE.
For each equivalent software (stuff like mouse gestures, torrents etc) I simply imported the .config folder - if drives are mounted right, it would just load up and work - for the majority of softwares.

Some errors/adjustments might occur due to differing desktop environments… (some of my .bashrc, and many keyboard shortcuts) but for a straight Cinnamon switch there shouldn’t be many issues at all.

I’d try this - copy .config > OLD.config (make sure you get other stuff that isn’t in the .config folder, like .mozilla) then copy in the old Cinnamon version and see how it goes.

In addition to import and export, Evolution offers the function of backing up and restoring data. That should work for different desktops and evolution versions.

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Thanks all, in the end I used the ‘backup/restore’ method and it worked perfectly - I only had to enter my passwords for each account when I first clicked ‘send/receive’

For anyone else that maybe interested here are the steps:

  1. in the existing evolution (after you clean up junk and trash), go to ‘file’ and click on ‘back up evolution data…’
  2. install evolution in the new install - DO NOT START IT
  3. copy the evolution back up file to the new install - anywhere will do.
  4. open evolution in the new install, it will offer to install a back up file, follow the prompts and your done

You don’t have to make a big deal out of it now. An existing backup can be restored at any time with 3 mouse clicks… :laughing:

Well ok, was just trying to be helpful to other newby like me :grinning:

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