Moving distros from mint to manjaro

Hello everyone, I am new to linux but I would to move from Linux mint to Manjaro and I would like to transfer/keep all of my data. What would be the simplest way to do it? I have steam and lutris almost all of my games are on a separate hard drive minus two of them which are on the OS drive. Would there be any files or applications that are incompatible or couldn’t make the transfer?

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Move the 2 on the OS drive to the separate HDD.

Wipe the OS drive and install Manjaro, then mount the other HDD. After you install Steam and Lutris, remember to have them search for the game libraries on the other HDD.

Config files in ~/.config could conflict with Manjaro if you wanted to move them all over.

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All user files and settings are stored in /home/<user>.
If you already have a dedicated partition for /home, you may only override Mint’s system partition with Manjaro, and reuse the existing home partition (manual partitioning may be necessary): [HowTo] Use multiple partitions / drives in your Manjaro installation
If you do not have such dedicated partition, you need to backup those files first – configuration files and folders are usually hidden! – as they will be lost during Manjaro’s installation (the system partition is always formatted).

Manjaro should be ahead of Mint regarding application versions. If you kept your configuration files, the first start of those applications on Manjaro should update them to be compatible with the newer versions. Though this also means that, once done, they would not be compatible with Mint’s versions afterwards.

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I switched from mint ti manjaro-cinnamon edition 2 years ago. My biggest issue was because a lot of packages are newer on manjaro some of the configs were incompatible. I know i had to reset all my thunderbird email accounts and configs


Thanks guys! I’m not too concerned with the config files. I’ll back up everything properly this time I moved from windows to linux in a hurry and I lost a lot.

Have to say as much as i love mint (was on it for 5 years) im so glad i switched to manjaro. Much prefer the package management pacman/pamac plus access to the aur flatpak and snap if you want them.
Best advice i can give is stay active on the forum, always read the announcement threads especially when updating, keep your system up to date and do regular backups.

Stick with that and you’ll enjoy manjaro