Moving an existing installation to a new platform

I have an existing Manjaro Stable installation running on a dual monitor desktop, NVidia graphics, I 7 7700 processor and 16 GB RAM: I am moving, selling the desktop and buying a basic laptop for the interim… a question… what will happen if I take the M2 SSD out of the desktop, plug it into the laptop-- HP 14 inch laṕtop, Intel integrated graphics, 16 GB Ram and Intel I3 4 core processor-- will the existing installation detect the hardware and boot, then with an update, will it download the necessary drivers? Having never done anything like this I would expect maybe a boot to a terminal with the possibility of updating what drivers were needed then. I understand a fresh install would be the way to go here but being limited to the number of 1 TB M2’s available, and a time constraint, just curious what would happen to the existing install if I tried this…probably a stupid question. Thanks.

You would need to change the drivers and a handful of packages, modules, etc … from something like a chroot environment … possibly from TTY … but there will be differences acrossed the hardware including things like the network card.
Its arguably easier to just backup your data and do a clean install … but if you absolutely must make this attempt then make sure to at least have a live USB with you.

Thanks very much for this. I figured it might be better just to do a clean install, I think I am just gong to do that.
Again thanks for the suggestiuons and insight.

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