Moved partitions using gparted and now I can't login

I had my drive partitioned with /boot / /home

I decreased my home partition and increased my root partition because I was down to 2 gb.

Everything seemed to execute fine when gparted finished.

I rebooted the computer and my logins are there. But, it seems like the passwords don’t work anymore.

Any idea how I can fix this?


Most likely /home has now not enough space. Lightdm (Loginscreen) needs to write files in your home folder when starting a DE, here XFCE.

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I was going to say that isn’t the issue because I moved my data to a separate drive. But, I just checked and you’re right, my /home partition is full. I’ll have to see how that could happen.


I forgot about all the hidden files. Just my .thunderbird directory takes up 12GB.
Luckily I have another drive I’m going to combine all my data on. And then move the /home directory to it’s own drive.

I read that I just need to change my fstab file to the new home location.

Thank you very much @megavolt

I just wanted to update this and say thanks again to @megavolt . I didn’t move my home directory yet. I just increased the size and tested that I could log back in. And I could. So, a full home directory was the issue.

Now I’m going to move it to a new drive.

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