Moved from Windows... Need Answers

worth it tbh
I mean for me, solving such problems is the fun part of using linux. makes me feel like I am in control rather than some corporate dev working a 9-5 at microsoft.

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I also celebrated the first few issue that i could fix with the help of the community.

Or like mounting the first time my HDD in FStab. Experience Points gained, Level up!

The feeling to be in charge and removing the claw from Bill Gates.

But i also think there are enough problems for a beginner to solve, specially the first install/boot into Linux Desktop Environment should be clean and stable.

I think this Wayland decision will give beginners a bad taste.

Me parece que nunca has intentado aprender otro idioma.

I thought it was blindingly obvious that the OP is not a native English speaker. Please try to be more considerate. I was able to understand his questions by the way.

… yours is a good exhibit and example of a totally unnecessary comment
a waste of bits and the attention span it took up

If you must talk about it - tell it to him in a PM.

I’ll gladly remove this one after you did the same to yours. :grin:
I really will … I’ll keep monitoring this thread indefinitely …