Moved from Windows... Need Answers

I used manjaro before this time i guess permanent move. I have 2 questions:

  1. Using 6.7 latest kernel, does it blocking my system updates using non LTS kernel?
  2. I wanted to change screen colour contast gamma etc i went for KDE settings - display changing things there pressing apply but nothing happens?

Using latest Manjaro KDE with AMD Ryzen 3 5300u + 8 gb ram +256 gb ssd.

Hi @OptiFX, and welcome!

  1. Please use proper sentences with correct punctuation. Your questions were hard to read and understand.
  2. Manjaro won’t force you to another major kernel version. Bugfix updates? Sure. That happens per-update. Major versions? Nope. But if the kernel and becomes EOL and no longer supported it gets removed from the repositories and you can no longer install anything from there without replacing the kernel.
  3. I don’t bother with that stuff, so :man_shrugging:

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No, your system will get updated, and so will your kernel. However, the support cycle for non-LTS kernels is a lot shorter, and when upstream decides to drop support for 6.7, you will eventually end up without a kernel if you don’t have at least one other supported kernel installed. For that reason, we always advise to install at least one LTS kernel.

That is strange. You could try logging out and logging back in to see whether it makes a difference.

However, it is very rare to have to mess with colors and gamma at the software level. It bears preference to use the hardware controls on your monitor itself for adjusting these things.


Just came back to say this: I couldn’t really find settings for this in KDE itself, so I suspect one of 3 things:

  1. It’s a hardware setting that needs to be changes on the monitor itself;
  2. it’s a driver thing and it needs to be configured in the driver itself; or
  3. all of the above.

Sorry i am not native english speaker.

Thanks alot. I got my answer for kernel.

For screen gamma colour setting question i suspected about using kernel when i open my pc i will try 6.6 kernel for this.

This is not true, actually it is the opposite… if you want to archive the best picture, you need to adjust the Hardware Controls & use the Coloursettings from your GPU driver (atleast for PC Users with Nvidia Card is a big difference).

Just a little hint: Not every Monitor have the option for Gamma Control (Im not talking about brightness)… and there are more adjustments.

Contrast adjustment in software and Hardware, gives alot differend result too.


Thanks man i will look for it.

Why not use the controls on your monitor? That’s what they are there for, and it is not uncommon for a new monitor to come from the factory with bad calibration settings.

When I bought this monitor here in 2019 — it’s an LG — it came with very bad calibration of the colors and the gamma. I had to adjust all of it myself, but I did it with the buttons on the monitor, and it has been fine since.

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Always post the Output from your system (so we can help you better) and mark the info with control+e:

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width


I am using laptop thats why.

No worries. Was just trying to help.


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It’s for now only available on X11 for Plasma 5.27.10, for Wayland it’s currently being worked on for next releases.

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I can reach this settings using KDE wayland session. But nothing changes when i try to adjust it has no effect?

… may not have been the correct wording

it doesn’t work i Wayland might have been better

chose Xorg instead of Wayland on login
… or however the default session is changed …

I have got a monitor, HDMI connected.
I cannot change any of it’s settings via software
not contrast, not brightness, no night light, nothing …
I can only control it via it’s hardware buttons.

This KDE devs are strange, they trying to force everyone with a new install to use Wayland.

But without supporting the most important features.

And everyone who wants to switch from Windows to Linux, will get a headache… awesome.


X11 will not be dropped by KDE team, it will be available in next Plasma 6 as second choice in SDDM session’ list. Only some distributions like Fedora will remove it.

The problem with X11 is the lack of devs support, one of its major maintainers Red Hat decided to drop its support, because its commercial distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux (based on Fedora) only provides GNOME desktop, and with GNOME devs to stop building the X11 backend by default in GTK5, it became logical to stop spending money and dedicated team of devs on something that has many bugs and has been in maintenance mode with no major new features for many years.

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I was going to mention that the comment was strange, as KDE isnt killing X or disabling X sessions.
Its only making wayland default in the upcoming major release of Plasma 6.
Gnome on the other hand …

Also. X has been considered a ‘walking dead’ project for decades.
There are also numerous problems and security vulnerabilities that essentially cannot be fixed.

I’m not jumping onto wayland yet myself, due to certain missing features and random issues. But that does not require one to maintain some delusion of X being ‘complete’.

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I didn’t wrote that (atleast not in this topic)… it is as i said, KDE trying to force us with a new install to use Wayland and confusing (new) people like this guy who started this Topic… and who knows how many more issue Threads will showing up in the next few month.

Its like using a rail switch for a Linux Train on the Wayland Track that was never completted… who in the hell want to jump on this Train when everyone know that the Train will derail.

Anyways, KDE will drop it in several years… i asked the KDE dev on Github. They don’t drop it like Fedora does, not right now.

The KDE dev told me a story, that sounds familiar like yours…
but he sounds like, he won’t care to much about x11 and in a few years the support from KDE maybe already vanished.


I found this 1,4 years old Github Topic again:

With this change, the “Plasma (X11)” session is deprecated, slated for removal in a future version of KDE Plasma.

The Developer Edited his statement 3 month ago, maybe the dev team changed their mind…

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Ya without does info your main problem will still be persisted