Move icons in the XFCE taskbar

Hiya! This is my first post, so I am open to suggestions on formatting, etc.

I like to have certain programs pinned (image), but it’s really annoying to do in Manjaro XFCE. I come from Mac, then Windows, Ubuntu Gnome, Netrunner KDE, Manjaro KDE, then here on XFCE, and I have never had such an annoying experience. If I want to place a taskbar icon, I can do that, but only on the rightmost side of the area, and after I’ve placed it, I can’t move it. It’s also annoying that there’s no “guidance” when placing icons, just a simple red line that I can’t see most of the time due to lack of space. I haven’t tried putting my taskbar on the side yet (On my main monitor at my desktop I have it on the right, but that’s on KDE and Windows), but I doubt that will change much.

I hope I’m not asking for too much. I just want some better placement features.

If nothing else, thanks for viewing.

With the disclaimer that I don’t use XFCE ─ I’m a Plasma user ─ what you are asking about here appears to be a property of XFCE itself, and not something specific to Manjaro. Therefore, if said behavior cannot be changed ─ again: I don’t use XFCE, so I don’t know ─ then your best bet would be to file a feature request or bug report with the upstream XFCE developers.


XFCE always places new icons to the right side of the task bar at first. But you can move them permanently with a right click. This popup menu has a “move” option.


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