Move from Nvidia to AMD video card - errors on boot

Hey there, story time for you:

I recently picked up Starfield and wanted to play it on my Manjaro machine. Since I had an older GeForce 2070 Super I figured it would be an easy task. Sure enough not the case, and so I had to play on my rarely used Windows drive. I preferred to use Manjaro for all things, so when an update was released which apparently may allow play on Linux (GitHub - Frogging-Family/nvidia-all: Nvidia driver latest to 396 series AIO installer) I decided to give it a try. I ran through the installer and picked the recommended options. Upon rebooting the machine, I would get the boot screen with the drive check and nothing else from there. I left it there and kept playing the game.

As I looked into the issue, it seemed that most that I knew with my graphics card said that the nvidia-all fix wasn’t worth the hassle, and they were just enduring the game with their card. I kept playing the game and performance actually got worse as I added a few mods and saves. So, I decided to order a new card to get a long overdue upgrade anyway.

So, I installed the card and got it working in Windows after some fun uninstalling all of the leftover nvidia software and drivers and installing the amd stuff. Removed some mods from the game that were converting amd fsr to slss and the game runs (although I only played for a few mins).

I decided to get the Manjaro install working, so I chrooted into it from my usb drive and I uninstalled video-linux. Gave it a reboot and still same issue. This time I used mhwd -li to list the installed drivers and I uninstalled the one other nvidia listing. I don’t recall what it was. Anyway, after doing this and rebooting, Manjaro loaded up fine with no issues.

However, since I hadn’t done anything with the OS for a week or two, I had updates to install. I installed them all and rebooted again.

On this reboot, I was greeted with an error before the disk check. I don’t know if it is related to updates to software that I no longer need (will have to check for any nvidia stuff left over on Manjaro I suppose) or something else.

I grabbed a very quick picture with my phone but it flashed by quickly and my phone didn’t focus properly.

[Hardware Error]: CPU 6: Machine Check: 0 Bank: 5 someerrorcode
[Hardware Error]: T?C 0 ??? address MISC errorcode
[Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 2:070f10 TIME errorcode SOCKET with more blurry stuff I can’t read.

How can I investigate this error?


Upon remoting into the machine I realized that I have not installed any free drivers for the system (as I read somewhere that the kernel includes amd support). When I get home I will install the drivers through mhwd and go from there.

I remember not being able to remove the a few nvidia apps from the program list as they were required by mhwd-db, which could be an issue…Perhaps after the amd drivers are installed this will be rectified.

This is a catch-all for the open drivers … you want this with amdgpu.

You may want to also check for leftover configuration files:

ls /etc/X11/{mhwd,xorg.conf}.d

Yes I ended up installing the video-linux as the free drivers since I ended up having nothing when I checked mhwd -li

Checking leftover config files, using

ls /etc/X11/{mhwd,xorg.conf}.d




Since this does not end in .conf, I believe it should be having no impact.