Mousepad exits unexpectedly

I use mousepad regularly (version =0.5.1)
Today as I scrolled down the file menu it exited before I could click on Save. I tried several times. It consistently exited before I could save. I restarted my computer and it’s still doing it.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Note: Luckily I can use Ctrl+S to save, so it’s not a show stopper.

The best thing to do in this case is file a bug with the package maintainers…


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I don’t know if it will fix your issue, but Mousepad was updated the other day on Unstable branch.

[2021-01-31T14:27:34-0500] [ALPM] upgraded mousepad (0.5.1-1 → 0.5.2-1)

Mine does not exhibit this behavior. I don’t use mousepad much as I prefer xed.


apparently it’s because I have an apostrophe in the folder name and it has been fixed on version 0.5.2 they confirm… so I shall just rename my folder for now and wait for it to update in due course.

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