Mousepad editor having trouble editing network files

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble editing simple text document that’s located on my network storage using default Manjaro’s “mousepad” editor. To be more precise, double click triggers only a loading circle animation and nothing else happens - the document won’t even open. But for example when i try using “leafpad” editor same thing works just fine.

And when i try editing document on local storage it works fine using both programs. Problem occurs only with editing these “remote” files with mousepad.

Is that a bug in mousepad ?
I know that answer to this question could be, well just use leafpad instead, but for curiosity sake and for sake of having as less redundant software on my PC, i would like to know if that can be achieved with default editor :thinking:

Any ideas / suggestions? :sunglasses:

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

If it has no problem opening local files:

  • It could be related to permission settings, but then again you should have the same problem with any other editor.
  • If the problem only happens in Mousepad it would indeed indicate a bug in this default editor of XFCE. (IMHO)

I would suggest you to file a bug report at: Issues · Apps / mousepad · GitLab
Maybe your issue is related to:

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Hello TriMoon and thank you for the warm welcome :beers:

Your response is pretty detailed and to be honest didn’t expected that someone would invest that much effort to post a link to relevant mousepad tickets. So thank you for that.

I will definitely check those and will open new ticket in case its not done before me.


Just a short followup on this topic. I did create a new ticket on GitLab, but it seem to be a duplicate of ticket.

@TriMoon You somehow posted link to the original issue in your previous response. So hats off :tophat:

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