Mouse wheel desktop zoom with wayland?

I’ve always used xbindkeys with the ~/.xbindkeysrc file containing:

"qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut view_zoom_in"
    m:0x50 + c:133 + b:4
"qdbus org.kde.kglobalaccel /component/kwin invokeShortcut view_zoom_out"
    m:0x50 + c:133 + b:5

on my KDE Plasma X11 desktop to get the desktop zoom function to work with the mouse whell. Sadly this doesn’t seem to work with Wayland (which I’d like to use now for it’s nicer high dpi support).

Is there some alternative way to bind those desktop zoom keybindings to the mouse wheel that works with wayland? The functionality itself works fine (with the meta++ & meta+- key kombinations).