Mouse wheel at double the speed (ex. Alt+Tab dialog)

Hello Manjaro community.

After yesterday’s update, I’ve encountered an incredibly annoying problem regarding the speed of the mouse wheel.
Now, I shouldn’t say “speed” because the speed is actually fine, rather the problem is that things like the Alt+Tab dialog or Scroll to Switch Workspaces happen twice at a time.

Explaining this correctly is not easy without visual assistance, so here’s a video of what’s happening in case I didn’t explain myself correctly.

Here’s my xinput list, it has duplicated devices for some reason too:

I wanna add the following:

Dialogs are scrolling twice when the mouse is doing 1 single scroll click, here’s another video showing that off.

I’ve never had this type of issue and I’m hesitant to give advice. There have been 32 views and no reply’s so first I’m going to point to the obligatory how to post (no screenshots in the post please), a inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width & lsusb would be helpful to check on the USB devices.

Things to read, but you probably read that already.