Mouse Sensetivity Slider Question

I just wanted to know what DPI the mouse speed slider is at in each stage, to me its so wiered that its a slider and doesnt have DPI, can someone tell me which dpi im on? i use a mouse that has 1600 max dpi btw

Whatever the resolution of your mouse is
this setting allows you to adjust how much physical movement is translated into how much movement on the screen.

I can’t.
But I’m quite certain that you’ll get some hints or even straight up answers
when you pose this question to $search_engine.
Did you try that?

You know the resolution of your mouse.
What makes you question that this might not be utilized?

its a gaming mouse that has a configurable DPI, and i have no idea where that dpi is and i want to discover that so i can adjust the slider in the settings for it to be 1000 dpi

but that slider is not for adjusting DPI - it is the adjustment for
taking whatever amount of movement the mouse reports
and translating that to movement on screen

does one single mouse reported pixel count as movement
or does it need to be eight reported pixels for the pointer on the screen to react?
That kind of thing.

ask $search_engine (ask Google …)
mouse dpi resolution linux
would be one set of search terms that I would start with …

whats the name of what the slider changes…

to be honest:
I don’t even know what slider you are talking about

But if it is what you described it to be:
my answer was addressing that

It’s not adjusting DPI - it is adjusting how much reported mouse movement is translated into how much movement on the screen.
The DPI of the mouse is a part of it - but it is not what is adjusted.

this one

wait is it like in windows (im recearching now) where in the middle its 1 to 1 pointer speed?

I guess that would be the “acceleration” setting - not this one here.

Move it fast - travel a great distance, move it slow - travel only pixels at a time, enhancing precision.

how so

im talking about the slider and im 100% sure its not the aim acceleration slider and ill tell you why.
i use a costum mouse acceleration curve for gaming and normal computer stuff and i know mouse acceleration pretty well and i can defenitely tell you that is not the mouse acceleration slide

I never said it was.

If your question is about finding out and adjusting the DPI value your mouse operates at and how this can be adjusted:
ask that question.

Don’t conflate it with “sensitivity” and “acceleration”.

… you are asking an imprecise question
you only think you know what you ask about

Ask Google about how to report (and possibly adjust) the DPI of your mouse.

This approach here amounts to an XY type of question..

These sliders (sensitivity and acceleration) are not about that.

is it this?

is it possible to change my DPI at all? i just wanna change it i dont care about anything else

I DID IT IN THE MOST [REDACTED] WAY POSSIBLE I CANT BELIVE THAT FIXED IT, i got a program as open razer to make it work so i can change it

tysm for your time though, i know it was probably frustrating for you and i really apreciate you explaining me the slider thing i think i know what it is now :purple_heart:

don’t know
depends on your hardware (mouse)

perhaps you don’t even need to change anything,
even if you could (which you still don’t know)

What is it that you want to achieve? What is the goal that you currently have not met?
something like that would be a good question to answer and then ask about …

i managed to change the dpi with a external program called open razer and polychromatic

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