Mouse problem in telegram desktop

So recently for some reason I had a problem with the mouse specifically in telegram desktop , in all other flatpak applications everything is fine. I have exactly the same problem described here:

I tried doing this, but it did not help:

flatpak --user override --filesystem=/usr/share/icons/:ro

Obviously I have already reinstalled org.telegram.desktop
Any ideas?

Why not install telegram-desktop from the regular Manjaro repo? Snaps and FlatPaks run in isolated containers and don’t integrate well with the rest of the system. :man_shrugging:

It’s a matter of principle, telegram updates in flatpak appear almost immediately, as well as discord updates, etc.

Well, you can have something that’s well-integrated with the system but may still lag a few weeks behind on the Latest & Greatest™ features, or you can pride yourself on having the Latest & Greatest™ features two to three weeks before everybody else, but then you’re going to have to accept the lacking system integration.

Freedom of choice is a good thing, but then you also have to accept the responsibility for having made that choice. You cannot have your cake and eat it.


Thank you, yes I understand it

It’s not even about “pride yourself on having the Latest & Greatest”.
The fact is that the same discord may not open due to the old version. And waiting a few weeks to open it is a strange idea. And of course the main reason I use flatpak is isolation.

For Discord, I can understand the decision to go with FlatPak — the decision of the Discord developers to block an even only slightly outdated version of their software from working is appalling, to say the least.

But Telegram? The Manjaro staff members actively use Telegram — among other things, we use it for communication between the moderators — and it has never once stopped working. :man_shrugging:

This is on Manjaro Stable… :arrow_down:

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