Mouse Pointer Changes Sizes - How To Maintain Same Size

Hello Everyone,

I am currently using KDE (Plasma) with the latest Manjaro update on 5.8 Kernel. The issue I am seeing is that I have set my cursor size to 32, and it seems to only work when I am hovering over applications (Dolphin, Chrome, Konsole, Hovering over the dock, etc.) If I am on my desktop it reverts back to a smaller size.

Is there a way I can maintain the pointer size to always be the same no matter what application I am looking at?

Thanks in advance to everyone for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated.

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Usually this gets cleared up with a reboot…

Are you by any change using Wayland session?

Because that handles mouse cursor size a bit differently and I have the same issue between certain applications and desktop. Except the other way around, the mouse cursor is bigger on the desktop for me.

Maybe Wayland and X11 handles dpi settings a bit differently.

@Ben - Right on the money! It looks like a restart fixed my issue!

@Strit - I am using Wayland, and after restarting, have no issues. I had issues with cursor size previously, and it ended up being a Theme issue. Make sure you are being consistent with your theme settings (Desktop, Icons, Cursor, etc.). That was my issue initially, and now everything appears to work.

Thanks guys for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

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