Mouse not resetting to center

Whenever i open skippy-xd or play minecraft and open the inventory, my mouse always resets to the bottom right corner of my screen, not to the center

is it a bug in the XFCE? because it works normally in KDE

It seems like something is grabbing the focus.

Not sure, but check Settings Manager > Window Manager > Focus > “Focus follows mouse”

Hi thx for the reply
Unfortunately it doesn’t work, still resetting to the corner

I found this in another forum about reconfiguring skippy-xd settings to move mouse pointer

Skippy-XD PSA - How to stop mouse pointer from jumping - Ubuntu Budgie
The prior administrator of Skippy was discussing the settings text file skippy-xd.rc (in etc/xdg) in an old forum post. I noticed in lines 47-49 there are three MovePointerOn… flags. Change all three from ‘true’ to ‘false’ and Skippy-XD won’t move the pointer anymore

I suggest you check the 3 settings before making changes

grep -n MovePointerOn /etc/xdg/skippy-xd.rc
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