Mouse freezes with Nvidia (Optimus laptop)

My Lenovo laptop with freshly installed Manjaro KDE has Nvidia GTX 1650 card and uses proprietary drivers and the optimus-manager to switch between modes. When I’m in NVidia mode (currently my default setting), not only is the desktop not as smooth as it might be (probably less smooth than in Intel mode), but the mouse freezes from time to time for about 2 seconds. This happened on my previous installation as well, but I thought it was caused by messed up settings.
I installed the optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt following this (suggested by eddier).
I’ve tried OpenGL 2.0 and 3.1 as well as XRender for compositing with no visible difference.

I’ve noticed that it’s not just the mouse, but also the keyboard. I think the whole desktop freezes for a moment, but of course it’s most noticeable with the mouse.

I don’t know if that can be related to the freezes,but in the video the way you install the nvidia drivers is via yay -S nvidia,while this can work in Manjaro there is Hardware configuration program to install all the required packages automatically without you interacting with the commands,maybe try installing that way

Go to Hardware configuration and click Auto Install Propietary Driver,that should install you the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime driver

Another thing that you can do is use hybrid mode instead of nvidia.that way everything use intel and when you need to use the nvidia you put prime-run before the program,example

prime-run blender

I actually didn’t follow that video to a tee, I thought the whole yay thing was unnecessary. The drivers were already installed automatically because I selected proprietary drivers for the installation. I just used the general procedure, with some important steps for the optimus-manager. But your tip to use the “prime-run” is greatly appreciated, I’ll give it a try. We’ll see if that issue affects Blender or whether it’s just within Plasma.