Mouse cursor gets smaller if I fullscreen something using Wayland

I switched from using an RTX 3080 Ti to RX 7900 XTX and using wayland. Having switched card, mouse cursor scaling doesn’t work well when I fullscreen any applications. This could be fullscreening a youtube video and having the mouse cursor get smaller when it’s not moving. Moving it though makes it go back to the original size. The same happend in firefox when I press F11, where the cursor will shrink, until I start moving it around and shrink back when I stop.

Any idea why this could be happening?

No idea - I am using same GPU - no issues like the one you describe.

The cursor stay as it is also when fullscreen’ng an Firefox using F11 - it was a quick and easy test as I use Firefox.

Probably should have added that I use 1.5 Display scaling. Is yours on 100%?

Yes it is … :slight_smile:

Ok, so after playing around with the Cursor settings a bit more, it doesn’t seem to get smaller on fullscreen if the cursor size is set to 48 or more on Adwaita. The same size, 48 on other cursor themes still shrink on any size.

This problem seems to only occur when the display scaling is set to 150%. The cursor sizing behaves as expected when scaling is set to 100%.

Don’t get why it doesn’t affect Adwaita with sizing set to 48 or more though on both display scaling options.

Ok, so the problem seems to be Firefox and Jellyfin. All other programs work as expected, so it might just be something with the way these two programs interact with Wayland when display scaling.