Mouse Cursor Disappears

Hi All,

As topic states my mouse cursor keeps disappearing and I have to reboot. Any help would be much appreciated.

My System:
KDE Plasma Version: 5.20.4
KDE Frameworks: 5.77.0
Kernel: 5.10.2-2-MANJARO
OS Type : 64 bit
Graphics Processor: AMD RV730

Is there anyone that has experience this as well? Typically this occurs when I watch youtube videos or other video.

Do you watch it full screen? Because that is natural behavior of most OSes and DE. That is done so the cursor isn’t screaming at you while you are watching full screen. Moving the mouse/tapping on the touch-pad should make it re-appear.

If that is not the case, then I have no idea what is going on.

No I do not watch it full screen. I have been experimenting with the compositor, switching between OPENGL 2.0, OPENGL 3.0 and XRENDER. Symptoms seems worst with the OPENGL options, especially with 3.0 which then shutsdown Plasma to a black screen.

The only thing I know, is that when I watch YouTube, (fulls-screen or not) the mouse cursor disappear after few seconds, and by moving my mouse or drag finger over touch pad, it reappears. So your problem is way over my head.

Thanks for trying.

I have been experiencing this same issue since I recently re-installed XFCE last week. I noticed that if the browser window (Chromium) is not maximised there is no issue - however when maximised the mouse disappears when moved around the tabs, or when between bookmarks and moving up over the address bar. I had had this issue about two years ago but it was resolved - however I can’t find the link as it was on the old forum and I have been searching for it for the past week with no such luck. I have even tried using modesetting driver but that just made it worse. I think @bogdancovaciu helped last time - but I can’t be sure. I thought the issue was only related to XFCE so I am surprised that it is happening to you in KDE.

I think I have narrowed this down to Vivaldi and there codecs. Problem does not seem to happen in firefox.

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I’ve actually narrowed my down to a faulty monitor - it appears my new Phillips 243V7QDSB has an issue in the top 5cm of the screen - where the flicker occurs - moving apps below this area - the flicker disappears. The monitor was bought in September 2020 so I should be able to get a replacement or refund. Good luck with your issue.

Update - Have just found out that the problem actually disappeared when I unplugged my second monitor from the second GPU card. Going to have to do some experimenting here. - Will come back & let you know.

Update 2: After some tinkering with cables as I don’t seem to have 2 HDMI cables to spare, so plugged in both monitors on the 2 identical Radeon HD 6670 graphic cards via DSUB (VGA) and the new Phillips (19201080) monitor still shows flickering in the top band, whereas the Asus monitor (19201200 - which Manjaro reports as Ancor Communications 26") has no issues with flickering with any app - but as it’s much older about 10 years it has banding issues and is more power hungry than the Phillips - I will only use it when necessary. Will have to look into multi monitor & multi gpu issues & fixes here in the forums to see if anyone else has had the same problem. Plugging both monitors into 1 card - 1 as HDMI the other as DVI or VGA has no issue.

Once again good luck with your issue.

I’m having this issue (or a similar one). I’m on XFCE and apparently it start after the last updates.
In my case, I noticed it happening after playing DotA 2 (it’s basically the only thing I played). It hasn’t happened on YouTube so far. The weird thing is that my FPS in-game drops drastically (50%) and after I quit the game, some time passes and the cursor disappears.
I can’t say if it’s the same issue, but it’s certainly a missing cursor issue.

ps: it always comes back after rebooting

Hi @tuse Sorry to hear you’re having issues too. Could you describe your hardware in a bit more detail, it may help someone recognise your issue and provide you a better response? Do you have a dual monitor set up or dual graphic cards. Keep checking the forums or perhaps start a fresh post.

i basically downgraded my kernel… but after reboot it still happened after a few minutes… then i went back to the original login to my gnome desktop to change some settings and increased the size of my mouse to the maximum size to show it. I rebooted and logged into the plasma desktop and my mouse currently hasn’t disappeared as of yet as I type this out lol ** crossing fingers **

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