Mouse cursor always disappears when using finger on touch screen

Hello everybody,

I updated my system two or three weeks ago after a longer time span. Now I use GNOME 42. Since then my mouse cursor disappears every single time I use my fingers on the touch screen of my laptop. When moving a connected mouse or using the trackpad, the mouse reappears again.

My laptop is a Lenovo 390 Yoga with a pencil. The problem is that when using the pencil, the mouse doesn’t reappear. It needs to be the trackpad or mouse. Before I could just hover with the pencil over the screen and the mouse cursor follows. This is great when explaining in presentations which I need a lot.
I am almost certain that the mouse disappeared back then all the time when using fingers on touch screen. But it reappeared all the time when getting my pencil close to the screen. This won’t work now.

I looked for all the settings, I couldn’t find any option.

I tried this with linux518 (5.18.5-1), linux 517 (5.17.15-1) and linux515 (5.15.48-1) (LTS). None worked.

I searched old topics and didn’t find anything which helped. Mostly there are problems being in fullscreen or with certain apps. But it’s global for me.

Any help is very appreciated, thank you!

Me too, but that is no issue.

Fingers and mouse cursor should be separated. Fingers for multi touch but they do not need a mouse cursor on the screen.

That is the same behavior as multi touch screen of smartphone that does not show mouse cursor.

That is why I think that’s normal. GNOME got it right.

I get your point. I think the cursor should disappear when using fingers, too.

But when using the pencil the cursor should reappear. The pencil is kind of a mouse. The cursor needs to be there when using the pencil. But it doesn’t reappear.

Therefore, I still think that this is a problem.

There is pencil for smartphone or tab, but they do not need mouse cursor.
If your pencil touches on any position of screen, that is itself a pointer, no need visible mouse cursor.

Exactly, when it touches the screen, then there is no need for a pointer.

But when you hover there always is a pointer as far as I have seen it. I had this behavior back then. And I wish to have it again as it always used to be. I need it.

I do not have a pencil, but I saw the video like you said, right?

Yes, exactly, it always used to be like in the video. When hovering the cursor would follow. But this is gone since the last update. And I think that this isn’t intended.

I can not check because I do not have a pencil.
You can ask Gnome forum and report Gnome bug.

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Ok, thank you, I will try my luck

Thanks to @Zesko 's guiding I found out that there really is this specific bug for x11-sessions.
I changed my sessions long time ago to wayland. Seems like last update changed it back to x11.

I changed back to wayland now, hovering is working like a charm like before. Thank you very much!

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