Mouse clicking thru collapsing menus after installing beignet


I got a weird situation here and I tried already a lot of options with no success, so I would like to know if any of you had the same experience.

Last week, I mistakenly installed “beignet”, instead of installing “intel-compute-runtime”. I noticed a few minutes later that my gpu was newer than I though and fixed the issue.

Right after that, I started noticing that something weird in Firefox: whenever I have a menu that appears on mouse hover, if I click in any link, the link is not applied to the menu, but to the page below it. It is as if the menu was not there. The problem always happens if I have another program with the focus and directly click in the menu link, but when the browser/page already has the focus, it usually works.

I had already this issue in the past with Chrome and, later on, with Brave, but it usually worked fine if I disabled the Hardware Acceleration for the browser. But this time it is happening in all browsers, Hardware Acceleration enabled or not.

And it is a bit annoying as I work with two monitors, so my focus is most of the time in a different window, which makes that a lot of clicks ends up going to the wrong place and messing up something.

Does any of you experienced that before?

Many thanks in advance!