Mouse buttons don't work together

I was trying a game that needed combos. I was holding Mouse4 side button and the pressed Mouse3 rotor down, nothing happened. Holding Mouse5 side button rolled Rotor Up, nothing happened. Changed mouse just for insurance, the same again. Together with the “Right Click Release = Left Click Action” problem of the last few years, we can say that Linux is unusable for games.

The firs problem is probably libinput related, the second probably gtk choices. If you resolve them with some custom build, you will end up the first distro.

Assuming you’re using Xorg, you can re-assign mouse buttons with a rules file in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d.

Do a web search for your particular mouse model and you’ll probably find useful information.

Did you try with KDE ? I saw some people using bluetooth gaming mouse/keyboard with Steam Deck, so it may also work for you.

You can say what you like. “We” will point to the millions of Steam Decks out there running Linux, and the numerous users on this forum who happily use Linux for gaming and don’t feel the need to make inane statements like that when they run into one issue.

Re-assign to what, they are correct as they are as single buttons. Some safety rule prevents pressing them together. How do i deactivate the rule? Also all distros you have to release information about “Right Click Release = Left Click Action”, before some one ends up in court.

Can you post information about the mouse you use?