Mouse and keyboard unresponsive on fresh live USB boot

I’ve been attempting to install Manjaro on a standalone SSD. Given that I’ve installed Manjaro on this same exact hardware before, I didn’t think it would present any issues. However, as soon as I boot into the live environment, which I’ve flashed onto a USB drive with Rufus, my mouse clicks become unresponsive, my keyboard registers maybe half the key presses, and any desktop application (including the installer) freezes up. Occasionally I can interact with desktop applications, or other clickable areas like the taskbar, but it’s so rare that it’s genuinely impossible to proceed through the installer and get the OS installed on my SSD.

I’ve tried swapping out the mouse and keyboard, I’ve tried multiple USB sticks, I’ve tried both KDE and XFCE, I’ve tried open source and proprietary drivers and the issue persists. If I use ctrl+alt+f4 to open the CLI the keyboard seems to work fine, which would indicate to me that it’s an issue with the desktop environment and not my mouse and keyboard or their drivers. I’m genuinely stumped by this one and would greatly appreciate any help.