Mouse Acceleration profile would reset constantly

i have a KVM switch i use between my work computer and my personal manjaro computer (i work from home). my preferred acceleration profile in the manjaro settings menu is Flat. ever since the last manjaro update, every time i disconnect and reconnected my mouse, the acceleration profile goes back to Adaptive. every single time i disconnect/reconnect the mouse with the KVM switch, the acceleration profile would reset to adaptive.
i have tried to look on other posts but i could not find other who have had a similar problem with me. my mouse stays on Flat when i reboot. only when i switch the mouse back and to the computer will it change back default mouse settings for some reason. it will also do it when my computer goes to sleep sometimes. please help

I have been trying to solve the same issue for over a year. I have mouse acceleration set to Flat but after restarting there is like a 50:50 chance it will change to Adaptive, while in settings it shows that it’s still set to Flat, but after moving the mouse I can tell it’s set to Adaptive. To set it back I always have to switch it to Adaptive, hit Apply, switch it back to Flat and hit Apply again.

A few months ago I also got a KVM switch and I can tell that it happens with it as well, even more often than after only restarting or waking up from sleep. If I use the KVM switch frequently, it is extremely annoying having to re-set mouse acceleration profile several times an hour.

I don’t know what logs could be useful for this issue, just asks and I’ll provide.

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You know how to set this profile from command line?
if yes, maybe you can create a udev rule, to run this command when your USB device is plug in.

And what command do I need to execute to switch the mouse profile?

Btw it still occurs all the time, even when the device is just re-plugged directly into a USB port, without a KVM switch.