Mounting Windows Drive

Hey, this is just a quick post asking for help. I just did a fresh install of Manjaro Linux, ran sudo pacman -Syu, and set everything up.

However, I am duel booting windows. I am trying to mount my windows partition to linux, but I am unsure if there are any downsides to doing that. If I do mount it, then delete the linux installation, will that effect my windows install? Is there anything else I should know about, as far as negative repercussions to mounting? If not, then it would be awesome if you could link me to a guide I can use do mount the windows drive.

I am running the latest version of Manjaro with KDE Plasma, and the windows install is windows 10 home. My laptop is a RazerBlade 15 advanced edition.

Thanks in advance guys!

You can mount the drive by adding a line in /etc/fstab
you can mount the partition to /run/media/…

Hey man, thanks for the quick reply, but could you be a tiny bit more detailed? I am still in the beginner category of linux users.

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to cut to the chase, there is nothing you should worry about. i’m assuming you mount NTFS(windows default filesystem) as and when you need. if so simply use dolphin side bar shortcuts to your windows partitions, it will auto mount it for you. lots of people do it regularly with hardly any issues. unless you do intentional destructive stuff to windows from linux, windows should be unaffected.

however you might run into issues with windows system partition(c:) or maybe others, if the windows fastboot option is enabled (it is by default), then c: drive will only be mounted in read-only mode, disabling fast boot will let you get read-write access. also refrain from accessing windows partitions if you hibernate windows.

by default manjaro and many other other linux distros resort to ntfs-3g driver to mount NTFS partitions, it is very dependable but not very efficient. the new linux kernels has the new ‘ntfs3’ kernel-module driver which is very efficient, however it is still little rough on the edges and i think the default mechanism should serve you well for the timebeing.


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