Mounting second device wihtout pasword

Hello, I’m seeking advice on a certain small, yet niggling issue. I have currently three disks - an SSD for root, swap, and boot partitions; an HDD for the home partition; and a third HDD used exclusively for storing games. That third HDD, whenever I open it for the first time post launch, always requires authorisation via password. I’ve already taken ownership of it, as well as making sure via the “Disks” application that I did not accidentally require said authorisation. Does anybody know of a way to just remove completely said authorisation?

You can mark that disk as esata to prevent asking for root password

Did you define a mount configuration for that third drive?

lsblk -fa
cat /etc/fstab

Thanks, this, in conjunction with the fstab instructions in @Aragorn’s reply, did the trick!

Just an additional question - is it normal that booting up the system, in particular the stage just before the desktop pops up, now is a second or two longer?

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