Mounting partitions in thunar requires authorization

I just noticed that if I click one of the two available partitions in thunar (under devices) in order to mount them, I am now asked for my administrative password the first time I try to do that (after restarting manjaro). All subsequent attempts to mount these partitions can be done without authorization - until the next restart of the system.

This requirement for the authorization never happened before, and as far as I know it was never a requirement. When I installed this manjaro installation, and I think it was several months ago, this behavior definitely did not exist and I could mount these partitions just by clicking them without authorization.

I haven’t changed anything on this system that could affect these things. However I did perform a complete update of the system about 10 days ago via Pamac.

is this some new feature or change that has been recently added to Thunar? Is this a known and normal type of behavior?




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