Mounted SSD has 100% use so I can't paste files in it

I have downloaded a custom image for my Raspberry Pi with already installed binaries for a different application, that I want to run on the Raspberry Pi. Then I have flashed it on the ssd which I plug into the Pi but I want to update the binaries inside the ~/.local/bin folder by copying new ones in the folder but it says that “there is not enough space on the destination”. When doing df -h it shows that the ssd is on 100% use: https :// (remove space)
I can’t copy the binaires in the folder before flashing because it gives me a permission error because I have to login first on the Pi to run it.
I hope you can understand my Problem.
Thanks in advance.

If I understand right a newly flashed image to the ssd will most likely be in a state that needs to be expanded to fill out the rest of the space available on the ssd drive before use. You can do it different ways but gparted would be the easiest.

Yes thank you that helped me, I expanded the partition and was able to paste the fie.

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