Mount network drive with user r/w permissions

So I can connect my drive using vpnc and wrote a line fstab to mount the drive when i type the mount -a in cmd I can read the contents but as a user I can not write to the drive. I am sure I was previously able to write to this drive, I don’t know what changed. I can write to the file with sudo permissions
Since I making this post I would like to find a more elegant solution to this as of the current situation every time I want mount drive i must open fstab uncomment the line below and comment the line when its unmounted otherwise manjaro sometimes throws me errors at login when its trying to mount network drive before vpnc is even connected to the network.
Here is the line fstab: /// /mnt/** cifs rw,username=*******,password=************** 0 0
Can someone help please??

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Try this… :arrow_down:

//ip-address/folder  /mnt/other-folder cifs rw,nofail,username=something,password=something-else,uid=1000   0  0

Replace the numerical uid value with that of your user account if your user account doesn’t have 1000 as the user ID. To find out your user ID, open up a terminal window and type… :arrow_down:


If the above still doesn’t work for mounting your network share, then replace the uid option in /etc/fstab by forceuid.

Yes this work. Thank you so much

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